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Optical plastic elements

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Optical plastic elements
Car camera lens
Through coating Anti-reflection coating on the end of fiber head and the surface of self-focusing lens, spherical lens or non-spherical lens of pipe cap, the reflectivity is reduced, the transmittance is improved and the signal-to-noise ratio is reduced. Our coated film has the advantages of low reflectivity, high transmittance, low signal-to-noise ratio, small insertion loss, small absorption, good degree of finish, solid film layer, etc., ensuring the normal operation of instruments and communication equipment without interference, etc.
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IR transmitting plastic substrate
Laser mirror is the key element of laser scanning system, laser resonator system. It has the advantages of full medium high reflection film, accurate wavelength positioning, high isolation, high reflectivity, high output optical power, high resistance to laser-induced damage threshold, solid film layer, good degree of finish, small absorption, stable and reliable performance.
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