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"Gather industry talents and create brilliant career", Dading Optical Film (Zhongshan) Co., LTD sincerely invites industry elites to join us!

For Dading optical film (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd., the main reason for our success today is that we have a group of talented, creative and dedicated employees, which is the basis of success.

Talents are the most valuable resources of enterprises and the source of strength to create value. Dading optical film (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd. adheres to the common growth of individuals and enterprises, operates and manages independently under the business objectives of the enterprise, and realizes the promotion of the common value of individuals and enterprises.

Adhering to the concept of "people-oriented", we are committed to introducing excellent talents in line with the corporate culture, and enhance the value for customers with a high sense of responsibility and positive innovation spirit. Adhere to the company belief that "there is no best, only better", pursue excellence, strive and forge ahead, and firmly believe that we can create miracles and have unlimited possibilities.

Have passion and realize your dream, "the sea is wide with fish jumping, and the sky is high with birds flying". Join Dading optical film (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd. to maximize your potential!

Dading Optical Film (Zhongshan) Co., LTD

01/ Employment principle

The first principle of the company is "to have both ability and moral integrity, and to put virtue first". "Virtue" is a necessary condition for employing people, "talent" is a sufficient condition for employing people. If you have virtue, you will reuse it; if you have virtue, you will not cultivate it; if you have virtue, you will not limit it; if you have virtue, you will not use it."


The basic requirement of "virtue" is to abide by the law and have a sense of social responsibility; Identify with the values and corporate culture of Dayding Optical Film (Zhongshan) Co., LTD. Integrity and dedication, serious and responsible." The basic standard of "talent" is to meet the requirements of job responsibilities, to be competent for their own work, with the quality and skills to create good performance.


We respect talents and make use of their strengths. We pay attention to the combination of job responsibilities and personal qualities, skills and interests. We provide broad development space for employees through reasonable authorization and performance management

02/ Talent training

The company adheres to the organic combination of conceptual skills, interpersonal skills and technical skills, forms different types of training systems, carries out various forms of training on the basis of training demand investigation and analysis, adheres to training at work and summarizes in practice. For middle and senior managers, focus on the training of conceptual skills and interpersonal skills, and emphasize team learning, cooperation and execution. The focus of grass-roots employees is to carry out technical skills training and improve general skills and post skills.

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Dading Optical Film (Zhongshan) Co., LTD

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