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Infrared camera

Application: infrared thermal imaging, infrared detection, night vision system, temperature sensor for CO2 laser system, gas detector, optical detector

Camera module based on infrared absorption lens structure includes circuit board, lens and sensor chip. The photographic chip is electrically connected to the circuit board; the lens is in the photographic path of the photographic chip. The lens consists of at least one lens. In addition, one or more lenses of at least one lens are infrared absorption lenses installed in the lens barrel to form an infrared absorption lens to achieve the near-infrared spectral absorption effect

Laser projection

Application: projection system, imaging system, optical instrument, optical measurement system

Polarization splitting prism is an optical element, which coats multilayer interference film on the inclined surface of right-angle prism, gluing with another right-angle prism, forming a cube structure to let through incident P-polarized light and reflect S-polarized light.

Dading Optical Film (Zhongshan) Co., LTD
Dading Optical Film (Zhongshan) Co., LTD

Medical microscopy

Application: biological analysis instruments, laser medical instruments, medical testing instruments

Microscopy is to observe the morphology and properties of tiny objects that cannot be distinguished by naked eyes through using an optical system or an electronic optical system.

Intelligent digitalization

Application: high precision optical instrument, digital microscope, optical engine of projector, digital camera, photocopier, scanner

The attenuating film coated on the surface of flat glass or plastic array lens has the following advantages: wide attenuating range, accurate setting, amplifiable and compensable light energy, ensuring the normal operation of instruments and communication equipment without interference, etc.

Dading Optical Film (Zhongshan) Co., LTD

For many times our team members have been to Zhejiang University and Shanghai Institute of Optics and Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences to learn coating technology

We have established good relationship with Zhejiang University and Shanghai Institute of Optics and Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Relying on their technical guidance, we have great advantages in technological innovation and problem solving and the coating technology in the company has greatly improved.

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Dading Optical Film (Zhongshan) Co., LTD


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